A fast paced arcade game where the player controls the speed of time 

A neat arcade game which I was the designer of. I created and implemented gameplay mechanics as well as much of the visual effects displayed. The game was created in Unity using C#.

The game started off as a game prototype with a group of three people. We decided to reboot the game in 2016, 2017, and 2018 but the project was discontinued.

If you would like to know more about this game, see contact details at the end of the page.

Game mechanics I implemented:

  • Arcade wave/level system: Beat a wave, move on to the next one and make it harder.

  • Lives system.

  • Timescale control based on player's position. Compensated for fixed time-step.

  • Scoring system: Shooting higher combos in quick succession for greater rewards.

  • Additive power-up generation and stacking system.

  • Ability charging system: Use of different abilities throughout the game.

  • Saving/Loading system: Able to continue off with your unlocked content.

  • Multiple game modes of all difficulties: Arcade, boss rush, scavenger, fast-track.

  • Local co-op multiplayer (beta/experimental).

  • Leader board/scoring system for ANY game mode.

  • Bosses after every level. Bigger bosses after every few waves.

  • Bonus waves if an achievement was unlocked.

  • Main menu interface and event system for keyboard and controller input.

Tools I created:

  • Achievement/notification system.

  • Screen size independent "Screenshot Capture Tool" to capture game play in 4K/8K.

  • A full debug/cheat/testing system to push the limits of game play. 

  • Positional and rotational camera shake system with smoothing.

  • Object pooling for blocks for efficient spawning on the screen.

  • Boss creation tool via input texture.

Visual effects:

  • Particle systems to simulate explosions (fire, smoke, sparks), lasers, shock waves, flashes, trails.

  • Complimented with blue-pink neon effects to achieve desired aesthetic.

  • Optimised particle systems to render many particles on screen.

External assets:

  • Unity's Post Processing stack to add bloom/glow effects.

  • Volumetric spotlight effects.

  • Glitch/VHS tape effects.

  • BitCrusher audio effect.

Andrew Spalato - Game Designer | Unity 3D | UI
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