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v1.8 (What's new)

Main Changes:

- New customisation Ui and process.


Main Changes:

- Wavecade released on Epic Games store.

- Add particles in direction of player movement velocity.

- Save multiple carnage reports.

- Name game mode: Chaos.

- New mouse cursor.

- Added Deadzone controls setting.

- Better HDR display support.

- Improve loading spinner.

- Improved gameover Ui.


A special thanks to our community who have been very patient with us. We (the Spalato Bros) have put many many hours into this update. See below for a complete rundown. 

Main Changes:

Complete overhaul of player ship customization: 

"We are still working on this to constantly improve it and we may totally rework it again" 

  • Simplified ship selection process, each ship has tailored particle effects.

  • Some ships require XP to unlock.

  • Animated ship colors.


UI overhaul:

  • Main menu UI updated to be less confusing and easier to navigate with a controller.

  • In-game UI is more readable and prettier.


New hazard: Black holes.

  • Random amounts of black holes spawn on screen and suck in blocks. Players that are caught within its bounds for too long will lose a life.


New Mini-boss: the Cadedonian mini-boss: 

  • 2-4 mini worms spawn and attempt to hit the player. 


New boss: Antheia the Sorceress. 

  • Her specialty is deception, good luck defeating her every 60 waves. 


Hall of Fame: (Score Competition on steam only)

  • We are introducing a score competition, the player with the highest score after each season's conclusion will win a trophy and spot in our hall of fame, as well as a cash prize which will increase based on 10% of Wavecade's steam sales.

  • During the season, players will be able to see the current highest score which is updated daily.


Reworked Charged Shot:

  • Charged shot can shoot instantly, but will need to charge automatically when used too often. Charge timings are tweaked.


New Soundtracks:

  • Song names: Le Nova, Horizon, Antheia’s bite, Antheia’s Might, Hall of Fame.

  • Ability to skip dialogue.

  • Crowd sfx plays when losing a life, when the player receives enough points, and when double/triple/quadruple points powerup is active.

  • Behemoth boss can take splash damage.

  • Balanced abilities, some last longer, some are shorter.

  • Removed ‘Armor block’ and ‘Fast track’ game mode, due to lack of popularity.

  • Powerups now show the next upgrade available.

  • Multi level point booster (x2, x3, x4) powerups.

  • Clan wave ships have a stronger variant.

  • Faster leveling up sequence.

  • Dynamically scale the main UI as a settings item (50% to 150%).

  • New block styles.

  • Show customize player 2 when player 2 is spawned in a local co-op game.

  • Support for 16:10 displays and HDR screens.

  • Carnage report screenshot zooming and panning.

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